What you don’t know about the food around the world

Every country has got its own cuisine that offers its own significant and unique dishes, of course foods are variable all around the world, due to the people nature, different cultures, and geographical attributes.

Breakfast around the world

Today we will present you some different yet amazing facts about the food from many places around the world:

  • Breakfast around the world:

As they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so let us take a look on what people eat for breakfast in several countries:

UK: Sausages, eggs, grilled vegetables, bacon, and a coffee for a drink.

USA: Pancakes, scrambles eggs, bacon, milk or natural juice as a drink.

Japan: White rice, Misco soup, pickles, and tea.

Egypt: Falafel, beans, white cheese, Egyptian bread, and tea.

India: Dosa, Sambar, Chutney, and tea.

Germany: Sausages, hard boiled eggs, bread, and coffee.

Brazil: Fruits, toast, ham, and natural juice.

China: Pork bun, congee, and tea.

Sweden: Hard boiled eggs, vegetables, bread, cold meat, and natural juice.

Morocco: Crepes, butter, jam, and tea.

Russia: Rye bread, Sausage, Porridge, and natural herbs drink.

Australia: Bread toast, Jam, Corn flakes with milk, and natural juices.


  • Food costs around the world:
  • Coffee in France is cheaper than USA and Italy.
  • The highest price for rice in the whole world is in Japan, as the people spend a lot of money on it, and it is the most common food there.
  • In Africa; vegetables and fruits are a lot cheaper than Europe and North America.
  • Eggs` price in china is cheaper than most countries in Europe and USA.
  • Meat prices in UK are cheaper than North America countries.


  • Different food facts around the world:
  • In Netherlands they eat fries with Peanut sauce and mayonnaise, while in Belgium their neighbor country; they eat fries with mayonnaise only.
  • It is an insult to leave a tip in Japanese restaurants.
  • In India; do not use your left hand in eating food, as it is known to be used in bathroom functions.
  • The ordinary time to drink a cappuccino in Italy is on the morning.
  • Germans eat fries mixed with onions and bacon, and seasoned with salt and paper.
  • The Average person in France consumes butter, cheese and pork about 40 – 60% more than any average person in the world.


  • Unusual foods around the world:
  • In Japan; they have dishes made from tuna fish eye balls, and they mix it with various ingredients such as oils and onions.
  • In Cambodia they eat fried grass-hoppers.
  • In China they eat cooked dragonflies.
  • One of the most popular sea food dishes in France is made of cooked snails made with various kinds of sauce.
  • A fried spider with garlic oil is a common dish in Cambodia.
  • One of the most dangerous food dishes in the world is served in South Korea, “Sannakji” is made of live octopus mixed with sesame oil, if you ate this dish you could be exposed to throat choking.