Barbeque recipes that will amuse you

Most people loves Barbeque food, as they are delicious and easy to eat, and they often are the main dish of outdoor parties, Barbeques are fun and enjoyable.

Today we have gathered for you some delicious and signified Barbeque Recipes, which are easy and affordable to prepareā€¦

For an amazing flavor, we advise you to use a coal grill, it will give an amazing taste for the food.

Also you can determine the quantities based on the meal capacity (number of people).


Fish barbeque:

Fish barbeque

You will need: desired fish, lemon, green pepper, salt, favorites spices for seasoning, mashed tomatoes, garlic, vegetable oil, coriander, black pepper, white vinegar, cumin, and lemon juice.


  • Grease fish with some vegetable oil.
  • In a bowl, put garlic, black pepper, green pepper, coriander, spices, salt, and cumin, mix them well.
  • Add mashed tomatoes, white vinegar, lemon juice, a small amount of vegetable oil, then mix them well until the mixture become a sauce.
  • Open the fish from one of its side, and with a spoon put some sauce within (quantity based on fish`s size), leave them for a while till you heat the grill.
  • Heat the coal grill, put the fish on it, leave it until it became grilled well, and turn fish on both sides from time to time.

You can add some lemon slices coriander to the plate, and now you have got your grilled fish ready to be served.


Meat barbeque:

Meat barbeque:

You will need: desired meat chunks, tomato sauce, onion, tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, cinnamon, black pepper, and favorite spices for seasoning.


  • Cut meat, onion and tomatoes into equal pieces.
  • Mix all other ingredients in a bowl, then add meat and onion pieces to the mixture, leave them for an hour or so.
  • Put meat, onions, and tomato pieces on skewers, you can arrange them by putting one different piece each time, and repeat the process until the skewer is full, but also do not forget to leave certain space at the end of every skewer.
  • Heat the coal grill, Turn the skewers on both sides from time to time, while waving a hand fan upon meat and coal until meat become grilled.

You can serve grilled onions, tomatoes, and meat on a plate, also you can add some vegetables and tahini sauce for an extra flavor.


Chicken barbeque:

Chicken barbeque:

You will need: chicken, yoghurt, tomato sauce, garlic, onion, lemon juice, ginger, curry powder, black pepper, and cinnamon.



  • Mix all the ingredients except chicken in a grinder.
  • Put the mixture in a container, put the chicken into the mixture, and leave it for at least 5 hours.
  • Stick chicken to skewers, and put the chicken chunks on the heated coal grill, make sure it is not exposed directly to heated coal.
  • Turn the skewers on both sides from time to time, while waving a hand fan upon chicken and coal until it become grilled.
  • Serve chicken on a plat filled with coriander, and enjoy the delicious taste.