10 Ideas for Train Party Foods

Parties are great, they are fun, a great opportunity to meet people, and to have certain activities within.

Catering foods is very important for parties, especially when it is a birthday party, or an event celebration. When it comes to presenting foods; people like creative ideas, a well-designed party theme can offer a lot of fun and gives a happy memory for everyone.

A Train party theme and serving food on a themed train is one brilliant idea, and it is suitable for kids, families, and communities parties.

On this article we are going to show you 10 remarkable Ideas for train party foods:

Train shaped birthday cakes:

A cake is the main dish of a birthday party, a cake that looks like a train is a brilliant idea!

1-	Train shaped birthday cakes

Appetizers` train:

Also you can add small appetizers to you food by putting them on a some crafted train carriages.

Appetizers` trainClassic train`s carriers foods:

Baked sticks, grapes, and carrots which look exactly like the packages of a classic train carriers is an eye catching idea!

Classic train`s carriers foods

Classic train`s carriers foods_2

Classic train`s carriers foods_3Small cakes and cookies:

Children love eating shaped cakes and cookies, we guarantee these cakes will be eaten right away, if they have a good flavored taste, so you ought to be prepared by making a lot of these ones!

Small cakes and cookiesChocolate logs:

Chocolate sticks that looks like a train wood logs is a delicious fuel for your party attenders.

Chocolate logsSweets` train locomotive:

A train`s locomotive that carries sweets and candies is an eye catching gift, also these can be offered as gifts for party attenders, to share the fun among everyone!

Sweets` train locomotiveWater and juices:

Water and juices can be served in a big containers or crafted bottles with some decorations, to represent them as a themed fuel containers.

Water and juicesSweet pops train:

Make sure to put these pops in a visible place, as everybody likes to pick a sweet pop from time to time!

Sweet pops trainChips and Doritos cones:

Everybody likes Doritos and chips, why don`t you offer them in cones? They are simple to carry and everyone will got his own share.

Chips and Doritos conesFull train foods:

If you are looking to fill foods on dishes, but you want to stick to your party theme, a decorative train craft will do the trick, and here are some photo samples for you…

Full train foods

Full train foods_2

Well, we have picked up for you some amazing Ideas for your Train party foods, so get ready for some Choo-Choo, and do not forget to invite Thomas the train as the party guest of honor!