5 Festivals Fighting Food Waste


Gone are the days when the idea of a festival was synonymous with a ground covered with trash and food filling up bins. Festivals today are getting smarter and reducing waste in multiple ways. It’s difficult for them to be entirely waste-free, but they are taking steps to get cleaner. Responsible rubbish removal is the way to go id we want to live in a healthy and cleaner environment. Here are five festivals that have reduced waste and how they have done it.

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Barbeque recipes that will amuse you

Most people loves Barbeque food, as they are delicious and easy to eat, and they often are the main dish of outdoor parties, Barbeques are fun and enjoyable.

Today we have gathered for you some delicious and signified Barbeque Recipes, which are easy and affordable to prepare…

For an amazing flavor, we advise you to use a coal grill, it will give an amazing taste for the food.

Also you can determine the quantities based on the meal capacity (number of people).


Fish barbeque:

Fish barbeque

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What you don’t know about the food around the world

Every country has got its own cuisine that offers its own significant and unique dishes, of course foods are variable all around the world, due to the people nature, different cultures, and geographical attributes.

Breakfast around the world

Today we will present you some different yet amazing facts about the food from many places around the world:

  • Breakfast around the world:

As they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so let us take a look on what people eat for breakfast in several countries:

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10 Ideas for Train Party Foods

Parties are great, they are fun, a great opportunity to meet people, and to have certain activities within.

Catering foods is very important for parties, especially when it is a birthday party, or an event celebration. When it comes to presenting foods; people like creative ideas, a well-designed party theme can offer a lot of fun and gives a happy memory for everyone.

A Train party theme and serving food on a themed train is one brilliant idea, and it is suitable for kids, families, and communities parties.

On this article we are going to show you 10 remarkable Ideas for train party foods:

Train shaped birthday cakes:

A cake is the main dish of a birthday party, a cake that looks like a train is a brilliant idea!

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